Evaluation Consult

Developing capacity to monitor and evaluate results

Date to be confirmed in July 2013

This two-day workshop will build your skills and ability to successfully monitor and evaluate the progress towards the intended results of a policy, program or project. The workshop will cover practical tools for a full cycle of planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Quote from previous workshop attendee: “The workshop made me to be ‘outcome thinker’ rather than a ‘to do list’ planner”


You will learn how to:

  • Develop and use a results model/diagram as the foundation for robust monitoring and evaluation.

  • Develop and use a results framework linked to the model/results diagram for collecting and reporting information on progress and results.

  • Design and use the monitoring tools and identify areas for complementary evaluation research to assess progress and results.

  • Apply the OECD-DAC quality evaluation standards.

  • Effectively evaluate, demonstrate and report emerging results.

  • Assess your monitoring and evaluation capacity and identify areas to build your skills and knowledge.

  • Apply the approach and tools to your current work.

Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for anyone responsible for programme activities, management and the on-going monitoring and progress reporting of a policy, programme or project.