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What we do

Evaluation Consult’s aim is to assist you and your organisation to go forward with clear purpose. This is achieved by linking planning, measuring outcomes, monitoring, reporting and then using the information in further planning. The complete cycle of activity achieves the best results and fulfills Evaluation Consult’s primary principle that results and outcomes frameworks should be focused on achieving change.

Our approach

Evaluation Consult's approach is practical and results-based, focused on achieving change and building better futures for people in both developed and developing countries.

We call this approach DOME™ (Development Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation). It provides organisations and countries with the tools and techniques required to identify development goals, design outcomes frameworks, monitor and measure results and finally evaluate and use the information gathered to improve the lives of people.

DOME™ is fast becoming a leading approach for results-based monitoring and evaluation in New Zealand and internationally. 

Evaluation Consult team members use the DOME™ methodology to monitor and report on outcomes. We build on relevant existing development work wherever possible in order to provide value for money. We focus on providing high quality and professional services to meet each client’s needs.

 Our style of working is:

  • a partnership – we work together with you
  • relevant – we focus on your key information needs
  • achievable – we keep your projects straightforward
  • useful – we listen to you and assist you with decision-making.

As well as using DOME™ methodology in our projects, we offer training workshops so that individuals and organisations can develop the understanding and capability to use this approach in their work.  Learn more about the DOME™ training workshops

Our list of services

Here is a list of specialist expertise and services with which we have successfully assisted other clients. However, we would value the opportunity to hear about your particular requirements so that we can develop a tailored solution. Contact us now for a preliminary discussion.

  1. Strategic planning. This includes an assessment of the context, goals/objectives, and associated actions to enable you to establish future strategies, programmes, and to develop strategic roadmaps.
  2. Advisory – needs analysis, scoping, programme design and business processes. This includes being able to make, when requested, a significant contribution to aspects of your current work programme.
  3. Designing and implementing performance management systems. This includes usingDOME™ to develop an outcomes- and results-based framework, and to identify monitoring data, and targeted strategic evaluation activities at both portfolio and programme levels.
  4. Monitoring. This includes using the DOME™ evaluative approach to monitoring, involving both qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and analysis.
  5. Evaluation/impact studies. This includes formative, process and summative outcome evaluations and rapid assessments.
  6. Reviews. This includes targeted strategic reviews, which are a useful tool to understand the progress resulting from strategies, and programmes and to provide recommendations.
  7. Reporting. This includes providing specialist assistance to report progress, using visual and user-friendly formats and using the evidence in decision-making.
  8. DOME™ Training. There are a number of levels of training offered in the DOME™methodology.